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bus ride videos


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Love making with a pregnant woman

Length: 12:30

Shared: 9 days ago

These two are here to proof how sex doesn't have to stop with pregnancy. He gently holds her and kisses her all the time while he fucks her good and she even tries her best to ride his dick. Seems like it really put a smile on their face when they climaxed mutually.
Fuck with a wild one and cum on boobs

Length: 08:36

Shared: 1 month ago

This foxy babe loves to get fucked hard and it gets even wilder when she sits on a hard dick for a ride. They fuck real good and her tattooed body is amazing to watch while she moans and arches in pure lust. He jerks off all over her big fake boobs while she presents them forward.
Horny girl loves to ride in front of camera

Length: 04:40

Shared: 1 month ago

This young bimbo was really into getting laid in the hotel room. One guy was filming while his friend was fucking her properly. She rode that dick like she just can't get enough and when he set her back in missionary, he came deep inside of her young pussy.
Anal sex on an island

Length: 07:10

Shared: 1 month ago

When you take a young lady for a yacht ride and then to a visit of a small beautiful island, you can ask anything sexual of her and she'll give it. This yacht owner got a blowjob and then he anally fucked her on the island. She was more than happy to oblige.
Guiding penis into tight anus

Length: 04:56

Shared: 1 month ago

Her red anus looks so gentle and inviting when she spreads her ass cheeks apart. She took that hard penis and carefully guided it into her wiggling ass. That anal sex pose was a bit clumsy so she climbed on top to give him an ass fucking ride he'll never forget.
Horny teen sucks and gets fucked

Length: 04:58

Shared: 1 month ago

This teen was sucking her strong boyfriend's dick like she was sex starved for a decade. She kept her round naked ass turned to the camera while giving blowjob and then she jumped on top to fuck and ride him. They came at the same time and she lied to cuddle, fully exhausted after orgasm.
Heavy metal music and teenage sex

Length: 14:47

Shared: 2 months ago

These teens love to fuck and they put on heavy metal music as their soundtrack. That petite teen girl is a spicy one and she wore her sexiest lingerie, just to kneel down and suck her boyfriend's dick. She gave him a wicked ride and he fucked her like a little slut before cumming all over her sweet face.
Big boobs jiggle like jello

Length: 00:55

Shared: 2 months ago

I stood right above this hot busty woman on the bus and it was a ride to remember. Her tits were jiggling like jello while we were driving and I just had to film that sexy action going on right below me. I can imagine how nice those tits bounce while she is having hard sex.
Gorgeous girl sits across me in train

Length: 01:15

Shared: 2 months ago

Train was bouncing her just enough to make peeping at her crotch and legs even sweeter. I was sitting across this gorgeous girl and sneakily recording her. I kept imagining how nice and soft her pussy must be in those little denim shorts. I filmed her face as well, check it out.
Beautiful smile and amazing ass

Length: 02:20

Shared: 2 months ago

I couldn't get enough of her. That is why I followed her into the bus and beyond. She kept talking to her chubby friend and her smile was pure seduction. Once she got off the bus I kept stalking her to show you more of her fantastic young ass in those green tights.
Big and even bigger black ass in tights

Length: 01:47

Shared: 2 months ago

You know what is scary? Black girl on the right also got a big ass, it's visible. However, when you compare her to the super huge ass with butt implants of the girl on the left, it pales in comparison. It is insane how big that butt is. Still, we'd all like to take it for a test ride. Wouldn't we? To see if implants will hold.
Shivers and orgasms while she rides

Length: 07:12

Shared: 4 months ago

It is obvious how much she enjoys the fact his dick is bigger than average and he touches places in her pussy that no one ever did. She gave him a quick suck and then went on for a sensual ride that gave her shivers and orgasms at the same time. Dude does something nasty too. He licks her pussy after creampie.
Teen girl humps a dolphin

Length: 05:02

Shared: 4 months ago

I bet you thought she humps a real dolphin, right? Well, hate to disappoint you but she is actually struggling to ride the inflatable one. I've stood by the edge of swimming pool and I kept my camera pointed at her spread legs and exposed ass while she rides that dolphin thing.
Hot girl naps with her legs spread wide

Length: 01:36

Shared: 4 months ago

You know that feeling when you get lost in your imagination during train ride? Well, guess what was going through this voyeur's head while he was watching this sexy lady across his seat. She was napping on her boyfriend's lap and her pantyhose clad legs were open wide.
Blonde gets wilder with time

Length: 06:48

Shared: 4 months ago

You'll be able to see how stuff gets wilder the more hornier this teenage blonde becomes. Took her a while to get the juices flowing and from slow ride she began to bounce on that cock like it's her last time having sex and she wanted to part with it in style. Just wait to see how much she likes getting her hair pulled.
Girlfriend bounces on boyfriend's lap

Length: 02:17

Shared: 4 months ago

Only thing better than a girl twerking her ass is when she is doing it while impaled on an erect penis. This cute naked girlfriend let her boyfriend film her ass up close while she was giving him a ride on his lap. She collapsed on the floor once he was spent inside of her pussy.
Amazing blowjob and great dick ride

Length: 18:33

Shared: 5 months ago

I think I would come just from such a relaxing blowjob and look at those big eyes and eyelashes. She plays with that big penis and gently licks and sucks it from all sides, just to prepare it for a hot fuck. That dude fingered her ass while she was riding him and he came all over her pretty tits.
Beach blowjob and sex got caught

Length: 05:49

Shared: 6 months ago

They were all alone on this part of the beach and I first caught them when they were both smoking a cigarette. I gave them a while and when I returned the chick was busy with giving him a blowjob, followed by a cowgirl ride. They thought it's private enough for beach sex, silly people.
Standing close to a curly blonde

Length: 02:41

Shared: 6 months ago

This curly blonde was constantly texting someone while riding in the tram, so she never realized I'm checking her out all the time. I held my phone camera down and I saw that underneath her grey dress is just a tiny thong covering the goods.
Sex and cum all over freckles

Length: 04:05

Shared: 6 months ago

This redhead darling gives a nice blowjob to her boyfriend, to warm him up before she straddles him and gives him a dick ride he won't soon forget. She was happily moaning and purring like a kitten and he came all over her freckles in the end.
Beautiful nudist girl fucked on beach

Length: 03:50

Shared: 6 months ago

One more proof how kinky nudists are. This couple had their friend hold the camera while they had sex right there on the beach. First that beautiful girl sucked her man's dick and then she gave him a ride with her sweet ass. Friend got close to film cumshot in her mouth.
Amateur porno by the lake

Length: 03:27

Shared: 6 months ago

These two amateurs picked a nice scenery for their porno. They kept it simple and that hot tanned chick gave a wild ride on that hard dick and her shaved pussy was squishing around the thick pole. When he was ready to cum, she jumped off and took it in her mouth.
Horny teens caught in action

Length: 22:42

Shared: 6 months ago

These two teens were all alone, or at least they thought so, and they were kissing like it's their last day together. Voyeur lingered on and caught what happened later. That cutie straddled him for a dick ride.
Dirty talking babe gets fucked

Length: 13:31

Shared: 6 months ago

This hottie wanted that hard dick and her body language said it clearly. She first sucked that hard dick and then she gave him the wildest ride ever, while at the same time dirty talking to the camera until he cums.
Moaning and grunting during sex

Length: 08:51

Shared: 7 months ago

These two are fucking so loudly that they are all over the bed and camera. He grabs her big boobs and gives it to her hard in doggy style pose and then she gets on top to ride him like her ass is on fire.
Kinky mature lady with a big dildo

Length: 02:33

Shared: 7 months ago

It's incredible how slender she looks and how that huge rubber dildo fits in her loose pussy. After seeing her ride that big toy, I'm certain she can handle the biggest and blackest dick that ever existed.
Big black girl texting on the bus

Length: 00:59

Shared: 7 months ago

It's not really important that she was texting but the fact she was leaning to her phone made it possible for the voyeur to get a downblouse view of her huge black breasts. Those big boobs are sure looking fine.
Dick ride caught from a window

Length: 04:35

Shared: 7 months ago

Window had curtains on but the voyeur managed to find a sneaky way to see inside, from just a little direct spot. He filmed a guy lying down and a hot tattooed woman riding his dick and bouncing hard on it.
Tied guy gets a dick ride

Length: 03:45

Shared: 7 months ago

This guy was blindfolded and tied up on the bed and he let himself in her horny hands. She played around and sucked his dick and then rode his hard dock until he came. Best kind of bondage a guy can have.
Gorgeous tush seen in bus

Length: 01:26

Shared: 8 months ago

That hot bubbly butt is so nice that I wonder how can even women resist not groping it. Voyeur was in the same bus as the hottie with that sweet ass and he made sure to do a quick sneaky video of that tush.
Teen girl takes dick in both holes

Length: 14:05

Shared: 8 months ago

This hot teen girl loves to ride a hard dick and she looks amazing in doggy style pose, where her man can switch his hard dick between both of her tight holes. Her butt is really great when she bends over.
Fast sex with a stunning girl

Length: 04:48

Shared: 8 months ago

It's not a surprise that he came all over her pussy so quickly. She started him off with a great blowjob and then she bounced on that hard dick so fast that it made him lose it extra fast. She rubs cum on her pussy.
Super sexy ass in the bus

Length: 01:28

Shared: 8 months ago

Voyeur was on the bus and he probably missed his stop just to get an opportunity to film this perfect firm ass in tights that was standing by the door. That long haired redhead has no idea how good she looks.
He films while she fucks herself

Length: 05:51

Shared: 8 months ago

This dude is lucky enough to have a hot girlfriend do all the work for him. He just holds the camera and lets her give blowjob, ride the dick and then lick the sperm off when he cums. She enjoys being in charge.
Girlfriend wears yellow dress for sex

Length: 08:11

Shared: 8 months ago

In that yellow dress and with red lipstick, she looks like some kind of a pinup girl. She gives her boyfriend an awesome blowjob and then sits on his hard dick for a lovely ride, while her tits bounce out of dress.
Chubby girl loves anal sex

Length: 23:34

Shared: 8 months ago

Considering she came just from pussy licking, it didn't take her much to offer her ass to him. He fucked her pussy and then he simply switched holes and let her ride him with her ass and that big bouncy butt.
Wild teenage fuck with a creampie

Length: 07:46

Shared: 8 months ago

These two are some really horny teens and they fuck with crazy energy. That hot girl ends it with a hard bouncy dick ride and her boyfriend cums inside of her young pussy. She jumps to wash up the creampie.
Petite girl gets an anal creampie

Length: 19:21

Shared: 9 months ago

This cute girl's first task was to get the guy fully hard with her mouth and then to handle his big long dick with her tight asshole. She took it like a champ and even received a big load of cum up her tight asshole.
Sexy girl rides tattooed guy's dick

Length: 04:19

Shared: 9 months ago

They sure look like an alternative styled couple but they are very hot to watch while they fuck. That sexy girl got lots of energy and she spends it by bouncing on his hard dick. She even does it with legs spread.
Guy lets the chubby girl do everything

Length: 06:45

Shared: 11 months ago

This horny guy didn't need to move a muscle while his chubby girlfriend manged to fuck herself on his hard dick, pleasing both of them in the process. Watch her ride that thing in cowgirl and reverse pose.

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