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stretchy videos


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Headstand and full split in yoga class

Length: 02:17

Shared: 1 month ago

All these girls exercising yoga in the park are very flexible but this particular one is stretchy as fuck. I caught the moment when she was doing a headstand and then spreading her legs to a full split. Just imagine how many poses she can do when it comes to sex.
Fit blonde seduces while she stretches

Length: 03:46

Shared: 3 months ago

After spying her stretching routine in the gym, I was blown away. She is as fit as they gets and her body bewitched me completely. I was seduced. Take great care while watching this gym voyeur video as you'll fall in love with her fit ass and flexible poses she makes.
Fancy bitches with big asses

Length: 01:58

Shared: 3 months ago

Considering these two are openly flaunting their big asses and walking like they want to seduce, I'm pretty convinced they work as prostitutes. Both had insanely slim waists and huge butts, with their thongs outlining through thin fabric of their stretchy pants.
Flexible girl fucked hard and deep

Length: 09:33

Shared: 7 months ago

It was hot to watch this flexible girl set herself in poses that enable her tattooed boyfriend to fuck her deep and wild. That yummy pussy looked good with a big dick inside and she received a creamy facial too.
Quick sex with a very flexible girl

Length: 02:59

Shared: 1 year ago

This tattooed guy got a very flexible girlfriend and that's the key factor why their sex lasts so short. She stretches while he fucks her and that makes him cum super fast. Take a look in what poses they have sex.
Good blowjob and a hard fuck

Length: 22:32

Shared: 1 year ago

This pretty girl really loves to suck her boyfriend's dick and she does it for quite a while. You're also going to enjoy seeing how well she takes a dick in her tight pussy and how nice and flexible she is with her legs.
Stretchy babe gets fucked hard

Length: 17:08

Shared: 1 year ago

This horny brunette spreads her legs wide to grant her man easier access into fucking her hard and then she straddles him and moans while milking his dick with that pussy. He cums while still deep inside of her.
She licks the cum off her foot

Length: 08:02

Shared: 2 years ago

This flexible teenage girl turns this blowjob into a really nice footjob with her sweet little toes around a hard dick. She makes this guy shoot his load all over her foot and then she licks it all in such a nice pose.
Big girl cums from being fucked

Length: 23:58

Shared: 2 years ago

First I was gonna say that she is an amazing cock sucker but then I noticed she fucks even better, holding her flexible legs way above her head, making the guy fuck her as deep as possible. He cums in her pussy.
Gymnastic girl in tight hot pants

Length: 01:18

Shared: 2 years ago

I'm a big sucker for gymnastic girls like this one, muscular yet slender and stretchy enough to bring any kind of a sex pose to reality. This one was wearing tight hot pants and her cameltoe was showing in them.
Stretching along with a striptease

Length: 05:27

Shared: 2 years ago

This hot girl made a seductive yoga dancing video for a guy she had a crush on and he sent it to us. She dances like crazy and strips down while showing how stretchy her sporty body is. Really makes her sexy.
Mature woman wiping herself off

Length: 02:56

Shared: 2 years ago

You gotta admit, she is pretty flexible for an older woman. Just look how nice and inviting those positions look when she stretches her leg to wipe of her delicate mature pussy.
Tight and stretchy asshole fucked

Length: 13:53

Shared: 2 years ago

Finding a woman that will allow you to fuck her asshole isn't all that much hard but finding a woman that genuinely enjoys it and lets you fuck that tiny hole as hard as you can is a true unicorn of sex life.
Nice way to turn a guy on

Length: 22:11

Shared: 3 years ago

Seeing how she plays with herself, how she fingers herself and specially how stretchy she is will definitely make you forgive her for not shaving her pussy. She enjoys having sex and that is as clear as daylight.
Bent over and fucked in the kitchen

Length: 06:14

Shared: 3 years ago

When she sucks, she gives him both lungs and when he fucks her she stretches her legs even while standing up and offers him that delicious pussy to plow it as deep as possible. She enjoyed getting fucked.
Stretchy teen having hard sex

Length: 12:29

Shared: 3 years ago

Now this is a teenage girl that looks and acts like a loads of sexy fun. First she poses in hot fishnets and tiny lingerie, stretching on the bed and teasing her boyfriend and then he fucks her tight small pussy.
Fucking the sexy girlfriend

Length: 30:10

Shared: 3 years ago

I kinda envy this guy for having such a sensual girlfriend that is ready to take his cock however he pleases it. First he feeds her with his cock and face fucks her then they fuck in a ton of different poses, amazing.
Hot babe stretches in the gym

Length: 02:12

Shared: 3 years ago

This hot babe is warming up and stretching her legs before exercise and she looked great while doing so, with a bit of her pussy and panties slipping out of those shorts. She is very flexible and looks very good.
Sweet stretchy blonde fucked hard

Length: 12:24

Shared: 3 years ago

She is very stretchy, I can curl her legs to any position I want and she'll like it and she is also fully smooth shaved so I enjoy myself eating her sweet pussy, right before I slam my hard dick and fuck her brains out.
A very stretchy teen girl

Length: 01:23

Shared: 4 years ago

Now this teenage girl is a future porn star, I'm more than sure. If she is so willing to show of how far she can stretch her legs at this age and how nicely she shakes her booty, there is no limit for her in porn.
Skinny girlfriend gets fucked

Length: 16:58

Shared: 4 years ago

I love this physique, skinny and athlic and more than willing to prove that. She sucks cock and gets fucked in some amazing positions and her mouth are still open and begging for more.
A very stretchy girl

Length: 01:49

Shared: 4 years ago

Nothing beats it when a girl is so flexible that you can literally open her legs fully wide. Ever tried it or can you even imagine how good and deep penetration that enables?

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