Black couple busted while having sex


They were doing it nicely, she sucked him off and they had a nice foreplay before they started fucking in a doggy style position. Too bed they had an itruder jump in on their bed while they try to cover up.
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I'm saying mistress just because I think she is halfway younger than him and because that hotel I cought them on is known...


10 years ago

I'm not sure what hurt me more back then. The fact she fucked my friend, the fact they did it in my bed or the pure fact...


9 years ago

At first I admired how wildly they were doing it on the toillete floor but then I felt a bit sorry for them when I noticed...


10 years ago

Judging from what the people told me, she is actually cheating on her future husband with this guy and I kinda wonder if...


9 years ago

I absolutely loved spying on these two through a hidden camera. The guy set his hot fuck buddy on the edge of the bed and...


9 years ago

They either hoped that the grass is long enough to cover them while they do naughty stuff to each other or they just...


10 years ago

It was pretty obvious from where I'm standing, these two were both horny as they can be and about to do something naughty...


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They seemed to be very horny, both of them. He was fucking her in a wierd position on the toillete seat and whenever he...


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I love spending time at the park, I just lie there and enjoy the sun. Sometimes, I get a chance to enjoy such a great...


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He followed these two through the bushes just because the lady was looking very sexy and when they reached their beach...


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This young couple was really having a great time at the beach and a voyeur had a great time watching them and he paid...


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I watched her pretty body as she stepped from the tanning bed, fully naked. That tramp stamp tattoo on her back, gorgeus...


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Husband is relaxing on the bed and all it takes for him to get horny is seeing his naked wife walk in the bedroom. Things...


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This black couple didn't mind the noise around them so I climbed all around the toillete to get a better look at them....


10 years ago

Spy couple in bathroom


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I really, really hoped she'll put that little hand in those small black shorts. I was spying on her and she had no clue...


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Things were really hot and horny in that toillete, they were kissing and he was fingering her pussy. He even removed her...


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It is a mystery regarding why they wear matching sport jerseys but they sure look happy while they fuck hard in that...


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Voyeur caught a very shy couple at a nudist beach. They are brave and open minded enough to enjoy the nudie beach but when...


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Such seductive blonde was a treat for voyeur's eyes, and for his camera as well. He managed to spy on her while walking...


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