She caught me filming

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I'm lucky to have such a wild girlfriend. Just wanted to catch her naked in the shower but she noticed me and started rubbing her pussy like crazy, all the way to an orgasm.

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It was very fun to watch her as she lies down in the bath tub, her legs wide spread and that sweet pussy getting a rubbing...


4 years ago

Well, this hidden camera video got me thinking and turned me on at the same time. This is my girlfriend rubbing her pussy...


4 years ago

When she had her orgasm she noticed I was looking and she gave me a smile but she didn't notice I was filming the whole...


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I hoped to film a nice view between her legs and I got so much more that I could barely handle. She either watched porn or...


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I left her alone for the evening and the camera was running. Seems she was too bored and too horny to wait for me so she...


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I really hoped she'll remove her clothes at some point but I guess she was just too horny to do so and instead she...


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I tried to fuck her more than once. She refuses me all the time, and this is what I catch her doing while thinking she is...


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This is a nice routine to start the day fresh and happy, before going to the workplace. She wakes up and plays with her...


4 years ago

I tought I'll just get a quick video of her in relaxed state but then I noticed she got a hand in her sweat pants and is...


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I had an amazing time watching her under the shower and then her sweet little hand went down and those cute pleasureful...


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She looked so good while she gently plays with her pussy, without knowing anyone is looking, almost as if she just tickles...


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It was kinda funny spying on her masturbation, considering she used a mirror to watch her pussy while she stuffed it with...


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She is a bit tired and a bit bored, at least it seems so by the fact she is yawning as she starts touching herself down...


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When I went from the top floor to film her I presumed I'll see her chilling. You can imagine my surprise when I saw what...


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This is kind of a way to get into mile high masturbatory club. My girlfriend insisted I film her as she rubs her sweet...


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She is a wild thing in her personal life and judging by the tape my hidden camera caught, even wilder in her bedroom and...


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She is 18 and just so damn cute that I placed a hidden camera in her room and caught her in her most private moment as she...


4 years ago


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